Kurulus Usman Vol. 127 Review.

At the beginning of the volume, we see Tekfur Valens, with all his commanders, committed together, and united. They promised in the name of Jesus that they would wipe out the Turks from the land forever. and a force was created to assist the Tekfur Valens. The force that had already left to reach bursa fort.


When the force arrived, Tekfur Valens vowed to finish all of them one by one. Basically, the reason these Techfurs came together is that, despite the fact that they had so badly captured Usman Bey, the way Usman Bey conquered the fortress of Caprihisa shook them very badly. So they burn in the fire of vengeance, and promise to snatch all the forts from Usman Bay.

Meanwhile, despite all the pressure, despite losing the help coming from the Sultan, Osman Bey conquered the fortress of Caprihisa, and on his arrival from there he revealed his front goal. Usman Bey told his Alp and his sons: “We will continue to win, our next target is Koyunhisar!”

Osman Bey was running towards Yenisehir with his alp and sons, an arrow was fired in front of him on the way. And Usman Bey understands who it comes from. Usman Bey was blindfolded and taken away from there. When he opened his eyes, he saw a white-bearded organization waiting for him. Usman Bey took his seat and negotiated with them. The white bearded men gave Usman Bey some inside information. Based on that news, Usman Bay’s upcoming plans will be in place. Upon returning from there, Osman Bey moved with his alp and sons to Yenisehir.


Meanwhile, Esrigun Hatun came to Yenisehir. He came and visited the market of Yenisehir, it was in the market that Malhun Hatun met Esrigun Hatun. From there, Esrigun Hatun went to the palace of Usman Bey. Usman Bey was also present. and Osman Bey ordered a feast to be held.

Meanwhile, Al Chichik Hatun was examined on Kara Ave. and after the examination, he said that Al Chichik Hatun was pregnant. Which makes him very happy, and everyone is happy. Al-Chichik Hatun then took to the streets with equipment for his settlement from Yenishehir. But in the street, he is attacked by Caravol, a soldier of Ismihan. This attack was carried out on the orders of Ismihan. Caravol stabs Al Chichik in the stomach, and kills all the other Alps, while Al Chichik is about to kill, Al Chichik somehow breaks down.

A banquet was held at night where everyone attended, with a discussion between Esrigun Hatun and Usman Bey. And since Shaykh Edeb-Ali is not there, Shaykh Edeb-Ali’s replacement, Qumral Abdal, discusses the imani at the end of the feast. Through which Esrigun Hatun can learn a lot.


Meanwhile, one of the survivors of al-Chichik’s attack came and informed Bala Hatun and Bengi Hatun that the attack had taken place. So Bala Hatun and Bengi Hatun came quickly and gave the news to Usman Bey. Uthman Bey, therefore, quickly took out his Alps, in search of Al Chichik. And Aktemur, Ayesha Hatun, Bala Hatun, Bengi Hatun all go out in search of him.

Meanwhile, Ishmihan sends a message to Bengi Hatun, saying that if he wants to see his daughter healthy and alive, come to the place ishmihan says, and come alone. Bengi Hatun makes no mistake this time, he tells Usman Bey, and Osman Bey orders Malhoon Hatun and Aktemur to look into the matter.

And Bengi asks Hatun to go there. According to the story, When Bengi Hatun went there, Ishmihan fell into the trap, his sons Alauddin and Ismihan himself were imprisoned. and extracted al-Chichik’s information from Caravol and killed Aktemu’s Caravol. Everyone went to where Karavol gave the information and started a search, finally Aktemur found his wife, and quickly brought him to Yenisehire, where Al Chichik was treated at Kara Ave. Aktemur’s children and wife were declared healthy.


Meanwhile, Kara Ave will accept Cherkutai as the husband of her daughter Wolgen, cherkutai tells her, but for this Kara gives Ave three conditions, 1/Cherkutai will buy a house for her daughter. 2/His daughter’s weight should be equal to gold. 3/And he’ll get a the same as his daughter. Kara Ave threw these three tough conditions at Cherkutai. If he meets these conditions, he promises to give it to his daughter.

Meanwhile, Usman Bey goes out for training with his two sons Orhan and Alauddin, before going to the training ground, Usman Bey divides two teams, gives two responsibilities to two teams, one team is headed by Cherkutai. And the other team is headed by Baindi. Both groups were tasked with killing Christian commanders. But they went there and fell into the trap because the commander was already aware of it. Cherkutai’s team managed to retreat from there, but Baindir’s team was trapped there.


Meanwhile, Usman Bey went to the training ground with his two sons. There they were trained in various techniques. And train to hit small things with arrows away from hiding. At the beginning of this training, the two boys failed, but through the extraordinary training of their father, they succeeded in the matter. They can learn how to notice small things from a distance.

After the training, Usman Bey, along with his two sons, set a trap to kill the commanders. But Techfur Valens finds out about it through his sharp wit, and Usman Bey falls into the opposite trap. Usman Bey somehow managed to get out of there, but he was hit by three arrows. And Boran was badly injured. At one point, they fell to the ground tired, weak and weak.


Meanwhile, Alauddin and Orhan try their best to retreat from there, they kill many soldiers with the unity and bravery of the two brothers. But in the end, Alauddin and Orhan were caught by Tekfur Valens and Naiman, and Alauddin and Orhan came in front of Tekfur Valens and Naiman Usman Bey, and the infidels held knives in the throats of his two sons. Seeing this, Usman Bey became very angry. ‘Uthman Bey said: “If my two sons have hair and if there is any harm, I will bury you here.”

This event culminates in Kurulus Usman Vol. 127. This episode was a little too much, because everyone’s performance in this episode was at a different level. Especially when it comes to surrounding characters, such as Al Chichik, Baindir, Alauddin, Orhan. Besides, everyone’s performance deserves praise. As we’ll see in the next volume, how will Baindi retreat from there? Can Cherkutai have three conditions for Kara Av? How will Usman Bey save his sons? How will Usman Bey get rid of it?

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