Kurulus Osman 123 Review:

KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES. When Nyman is about to be defeated in a duel, he orders his army to attack. That’s when Commander Bakatur came and stopped everyone. Naiman asks who will stop him. Commander Genghis shows Khan’s seal and stops the soldiers. Naiman asks his troops to attack, but none of them do. Bingi goes to hatun fort and congratulates Aktemur Bay.

Aktemur Bey says that she conquered the palace alone so that her uncle’s plans are not revealed. The commander’s troops soon captured Nyman. Osman Bey began to talk to the Commander of Bakatur. The commander says that he has done everything for the letter sent by the Sultan and that he will take Naiman to Tabriz. Osman Bey says he will give his own troops to help the commander. KAYIFAMILYTV KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Osman Bey asks his troops to rest and goes into the woods to talk to Turgut Bey. Ismihan Sultan wants to save Naiman after the war and makes a plan for it. Ishmihan Sultan’s troops secretly began to follow Naiman. Qumral prepares medicines for Abdal Osman Bey’s eyes. Turgut Bey comes into the woods and starts talking about how he took the seal from Tal. After hearing about Turgut Bey, Osman Bey sent his troops to gather information about the nearby Byzantine fortress. KAYIFAMILY TV KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES


Naiman says he will kill the commander. Cherkutai Alp and the soldiers set out to control the forts. Malhun returns to hatun palace and says they have captured the castle. Meanwhile, a soldier arrives and says that Osman Bey has won the battle. Malhoon asks everyone in hatun palace to get ready for that dinner. Osman Bey goes to a place with his sons and shows them the mountain. Osman Bey began to talk about Byzantine forts around the mountains. Orhan Bey says that they will soon conquer these forts.

Bindir Bey first sends a letter to the Sultan and then goes to talk to him. Ismihan Sultan says he reads Baindi’s Bey letter and wants to kill him. Baindir Bey began apologizing to the Ismihan Sultan and apologized many times. Ismihan Sultan says that he will give Baindir Bey one last chance. Bindir Bey says that he will fulfill all the wishes of the Ismihan Sultan, but he is worried about Naiman. KAYIFAMILYTV KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Osman Bey then returns to the palace and begins to listen to his Alps. All the soldiers begin to tell Osman Bey about the information they know. Osman Bay examines the map one by one and begins to think about the attack. Connor Alp begins to say what he knows. Osman Bey says that they will attack Kopruhisaar and asks Kanur Alp to talk to a wall master. Connor Alp immediately steps in to find a new secret path.

Ishmihan sultan went to the fort and started talking to Bingi Hatun. Bingi Hatun says that Aktemur Bey needs more energy and asks Ismihan Sultan for help. Ismihan Sultan secretly agrees to help Aktemur Bey and says that he is going to Osman Bey’s dinner. Baindi’s bey begins to think about what the Ismihan Sultan has said and plans to save his life. The Shaykh prays before eating. KAYIFAMILY TV KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES


Osman Bay then began eating with all his family members and guests. The commander decides to rest in a cage. Nyman constantly talks to the soldiers and says that Bakatur is a great traitor. The commander says that the real traitor is Naiman and will soon be executed. After the meal is over, Ismihan Sultan presents everyone with a gift and congratulates Osman Bey. Osman Bey says that without the help of Ishmihan Sultan, it would have been difficult to defeat Naiman. Some Bay say that the Ismihan Sultan’s earlier decisions were wrong. KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Ishmihan Sultan continues to lie and says that they should stay together from now on. One Bey says he wants to tax Osman Bey instead of the Seljuk. Other bets also support the decision. Ismihan Sultan says that the Beirs have crossed the line and warns them. Osman Bey calms everyone down and says he’ll only get half the tax. The Ismihan Sultan accepted the offer and asked Osman Bey to forgive Aktemur Bey. KAYIFAMILYTV KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES


Osman Bey says that he has no problem with Aktemur Bey and asks Alauddin Bey to write a sentence about taxes. That night, Osman Bey’s soldiers began making special spears. Ismihan Sultan later learns which way the commander will go to Tabriz and leave to save Naiman. Osman Bey went into the woods the next morning and told the Byzantine troops how to defend their place. KAYIFAMILY TV KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Osman Bey then tells them what they need to do to cross these big shields and asks his troops to do a lot of exercises. Ismihan finds the Sultan commander how to use it and creates a trap. Osman Bey then began practicing the sword with Turgut Bey. Turgut Bey then went on to set up a base for the invasion of Kopruhisa. Bindir killed some Mongolian soldiers in the Bay forest and continued the search for Naiman. KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Ismihan Sultan finally stepped in and attacked the commander. Naiman asks why Ishmihan Sultan did this. Ishmihan Sultan asks what was before him and says Osman Bey must die. Bala Hatun says he wants to build a new restaurant in the city and seeks permission from Osman Bey. On the way to that place, some robbers attack Kanur Alp and take away the secret kalikupip. Connor Alp takes to the streets again to get a map of the new secret path.

Naiman agrees to destroy Osman Bey and says that he will work together with Ishmihan Sultan. Kanur Alp follows these bandits and attacks them. Malhoon talks to the merchants of hatun city and learns about the latest things. Nyman says that he will send his troops to burn osman bey’s palace. Osman Bey goes to the new base and tests his troops. Turgut Bey says that Kanur Alp should already be here and tells the plan of attack. Osman Bey divides his Alps into groups and tells them how they will attack.

Osman Bey says that Kanur Alp will come soon and waits for him. Osman Bey asks Bourne Alp to sing that night. Meanwhile, Mongolian troops surrounded the base and began burning the tents. Naiman’s other soldiers secretly went to the palace and set fire to the rooms there. Naiman soon surrounded the soldiers’ base. Osman Bey sent his troops around the base to save everyone’s lives. Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey try to leave but they can’t open the door. KURULUS OSMAN 123 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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